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Sugaring Facts Vs. Traditional Hot Wax

Sugaring is an alternative hair removal paste and technique, similar to traditional hot wax. 

Traditional hot wax and sugaring have the same purpose, to remove stubborn hair from any body part-from the root.


Sugar paste consists of sugar, lemon, and water. All natural paste, where traditional wax contains harsh chemicals and resins.

Sugar paste is NOT HOT. It is heated to a warm-to-cool temperature. This makes for less redness, less raised skin, less pain, and generally less irritation to skin all together.​

Sugar paste is bacteria resistant. Wax warmers breed bacteria.


Sugaring application and removal technique is opposite of traditional wax. It is applied against the natural growth pattern, and removed WITH the natural growth. This ensures that every hair comes out by the root, without chance of breaking hair off at the surface.

Sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells, where traditional hot wax removes a layer of live skin cells.


Sugaring actually exfoliates dead skin cells off the surface layer of skin.

Traditional hot wax may burn skin when heated too hot. It damages fine tissue cells. 

Traditional hot wax contains resins, which adhere to live skin cells. Causing more discomfort during services and afterwards.

4 to 6 weeks of results in between services.

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